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The Blonde Swedes' Special Place
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"The Swedes combine art, personal electronics, computer technology, dinner, and pineapple-orange juice in equal measure to create the most meaningful diversion in the lives of it's members and their victims."
- Johnny Blonde, band librarian, late 20th century

"The Blonde Swedes are the brain fart of my friend Liam and his cohort Shorn."
- The Infamous Boo

"There were always three of them, and sometimes two of them, and through the magic of self-delusion, they became the greatest rock and roll band to deafen old women. "
- The Swedish Times, Special Edition

"**** Gold Medal rating, best podcast for a long-distance, garage-band named for a hair color and nordic people"
- iTunes (unofficial), 2006

"Headquarters called and said you two were slacking off again. Imagine my delight at having to take time away from my empathy training to come here and smack you girls around some more. What is it now, is it too cold for you? Too dark? Mommy not here to tuck you in? You got a hang-nail or something? I've seen real men push a semi-truck trailer loaded with elephant carcasses through hot tar (don't ask, I have to kill you just for asking - on second thought, go ahead. Ask.) and not one of them had less than two broken limbs, and half of 'em were blinded by radiation poisoning. What I wouldn't give to have just one of those men here to replace your sorry asses on this project. Could they play? Hell yes they could play! Best horn section since Glenn Feakin' Miller. Funk to punk they'd bury your sorry asses."
- Sgt. Pantz, somewhere knee-deep in a swamp

- She-Ape


Welcome to the Blonde Swedes community, suprisingly the only Live Journal community created by, for, and about the legendary meta-band, The Blonde Swedes. Within these posts, expect to see music updates, future Swedefilm project announcements, Swedetrip plans, and podcast notifications. So lean back. Open your juice box. And then close your browser.