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11 December 2005 @ 09:02 pm
Blonde Swedes Podcast #3 - Eating Leftovers  
What happens when you promise a shorter podcast and then record for over an hour anyway? Two Podcasts! This week we get to hear the off-the-cuff stuff that didn't fit the rigid predefined outline of podcast #2 from last week, and guess what! We think it's even better! In this episode Liam and Shorn introduce the Pineapple-Orange Juice jingle, discuss the increasingly-disposable iPod line, talk in-depth about new DVD concert video releases from Green Day (thumbs up) and Rush (thumbs down (sorry!)), and get in to the finer points of why none of the Blonde Swedes' previously-recorded music is available online in it's complete form (hint: It's not their fault!). Also, hear an early bit of another Blonde Swedes work-in-progress. All this and a whole lot of prude-bashing humour. (Hi Doug!)

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