Blonde Swedes Acoustic

Blonde Swedes Podcast Season 2, Episode #4

Fast and Loose and Sweaty and full of Nostalgia. Yes, it's summertime with the Blonde Swedes, now in an easy to listen to format... the podcast that is, not the summer... or come to think of it, the Swedes, who are always in a hard to listen to format in general. Anyway, in this episode, the boys fondly remember both youthful affairs of the heart and of the motorcar, visit summer movies, blearily look into the future, and much more! I mean, more than all that, not that they look blearily into more... we need a new writer for these things....

Recorded on July 6th, 2007.

Podcast Link: Blonde Swedes Podcast Season 2, Episode #4
Blonde Swedes Faces

The Yellow Swedes

Courtesy the spot-on artistic eye of Dr. Shorn, our shameless attempt to make it into the Simpsons Movie 2 as official Springfield Elementary Mixer Dance Band:

Blonde Swedes Acoustic

Blonde Swedes Podcast Season 2, Episode #3

Blippida blippida blippida bang, CHOOOON!

Yes, it's time for the triumphant and very tardy return of the Blonde Swedes, the band that continually asks the question... "Veeee are talkink. Is anyvone LISTENINK!?"

Our editing monkeys* heard your pleas and have capped the podcasts at an easily chewable 30 minutes**. So whine along and explore topics such as the lack of Blonde Swedes lovin', disturbing and life-altering health news from THEM, summer trips a go-go, and the amazing nature of babies. Be stunned as Liam confesses his love for a long-legged singer. Be dizzied as Dr. Shorn reveals the secret plot to break up the band. But please, try to stay awake.

All this and more from those take-it-on-the-chin boys who say, "It's hard being a Swede out there..."

Recorded on May 10th, 2007.

Podcast Link: Blonde Swedes Podcast Season 2, Episode #3

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* No monkeys were harmed in the making of this podcast.
** Please do not attempt to eat the podcast.
Blonde Swedes

Blonde Swedes Podcast Season 2, Episode #2

Hey Ho! The Blonde Swedes are coming atcha once again with their podcasty brand of slackful goodness. Topics include a special and extensive 2007 summer movie preview, good news from the exciting world of copyright law, a few fresh potato updates, and a visit from some very special and diminutive guests. Be dazzled by Liam's laziness-enhancing home-improvement ideas. Learn what bathing suit Shorn plans to wear to the beach this summer. All this and more from the boys who, for better or worse, always manage to keep it real.

Recorded on April 6th, 2007.

Podcast Link: Blonde Swedes Podcast Season 2, Episode #2

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Blonde Swedes Acoustic

Blonde Swedes Podcast Season 2, Episode #1!

But what's this? Fresh from their long absence, the Blonde Swedes return with the first flame-broiled episode of season 2. Topics include ice-breaking news from space, strange animal tales, Floridian adventures, and of course death. Hear Liam's plans to mount his scooter. Regale in Shorn's big potato dance party. All this and more from the boys who remind you, we waz never here.

Enjoy the canoli!

Recorded on March 19, 2007

Podcast Link: Blonde Swedes Podcast Season 2, Episode #1

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Blonde Swedes Video Podcast #2 - Pontchartrain Industries for the Advancement of Progress

Imagine a world . . . where the buildings come hydraulically down to you. A workers paradise of remedial electronic component identification, where any and all problems are solved by severe very compassionate re-training. Such is the world of Pontchartrain Industries. Come along for a tour in this very special recruitment film. Available here for the first time anywhere.


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Blonde Swedes Podcast NG #0 - Thinkin' 'Bot the Weather

Our long national sitting around not making a podcast has finally ended! Announcing Episode 0 of the Blonde Swedes Podcast, Next Generation! Now with digital avatar technology! Some of the new features include:

  • Incredible text-to-speech simulations of the voices of the Blonde Swedes!
  • It's really short!
  • It's digital!

(OK, it was always digital)

Podcast link: Blonde Swedes Podcast NG #0
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The 2007 Blonde Swedes Calendars are here!

Shee, only two months late!

Available in convenient go-anywhere-your-computer-does PDF form.

Choose from up to two different designs. Right-click to download.

The Official 2007 Blonde Swedes Calendar features memories from our entire history.

The Special Edition 2007 Blonde Swedes Calendar is chock full of photos from Swedes in Seattle '06.

These are full-size print-res PDF's so they are a bit large. They print real nice though, if you have about three hours to kill and are really good at figuring out the whole duplex-and-upside-down printing thing.
Old Man Shorn
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Blonde Swedes Podcast #13 - Canada Edition

Brr, so cool you'll need a toque! Canada is on our minds as we prepare for the Swedes in Seattle 2006 reunion. Topics include drugs, movies, music and more. Hear Dr Shorn's club mix of 'Easy' by the Barenaked Ladies. And find out what Liam does alone in the dark when the comm lines go dead. All this plus one fathers love for all things Dylan.

Recorded on September 1, 2006

Podcast Link: Blonde Swedes Podcast #13

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